Meet your match in MINI Connected.

Plunge into the revolutionary realm of in-car infotainment. MINI Connected embodies a unique symbiosis of driver, MINI and your smartphone. And with the new MINI Connected version, we offer you a focused experience of MINI Connected and provide you the most relevant information for your daily driving.

Discover the best way to get from A to B with
traffic prediction in MINI Streetwise, using trip
details like duration, fuel consumption and more.

Sports Instruments shows engine data, including
rev speed, torque, engine temperature and
current engine output.

The Force Meter app visualises all accelerating
forces, using graphics to indicate longitudinal and
lateral acceleration.

Get on top of your commitments, as MINI
Connected syncs with your smartphone calendar
to show your appointments and to-do-list on the
MINI Center Instrument.


Spotify now allows you to access your own playlist and various on-demand music that sound great on your MINI's audio system.

The MINI Status handily shows you your fuel range, fuel
level, last recorded journey, as well as
directions to your MINI.

See how far you've driven together, among many
other stats, with MINI Vital Statistics.

Make the most out of MINI Connected by downloading the application.
Now available in iTunes and Google Play Store.