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  • Is the MINI sold worldwide?

    The MINI is sold through an independent MINI dealer network in over 70 countries around the world. Many of its members already enjoy a long-standing cooperation with the BMW Group as BMW dealers.

  • Where was the MINI developed?

    The MINI was a truly European development, with design and engineering taking place in the UK and Germany.

  • Where is the MINI produced?

    The MINI is built to meet stringent BMW Group quality standards at the BMW Group plant in Oxford, England. With partner plants in the Netherlands, where the All-New MINI Countryman is being built.

  • Is it possible to have a guided tour of the MINI manufacturing facilities?

    Applications can be sent in writing to: Plant Tours, Communications Dept., BMW Group Plant Oxford, Cowley, Oxford, OX4 6NL, United Kingdom.

  • Where can I buy MINI shirts, caps and suchlike?

    A full range of top-quality MINI lifestyle accessories are available to purchase from any MINI Authorised Dealers.

  • Question
  • The MINI brand
  • What is the philosophy behind the development of the MINI?

    Go-kart handling, iconic design, highly individual personalisation and creative use of space: the characteristics that make a MINI haven’t changed since the launch of the classic 1959 design by Sir Alec Issigonis, which lasted more than four decades (until 2000). The new generation adds state-of-the-art technology, modern levels of safety, quality and reliability to traditional MINI values, such as optimum interior space within compact exterior dimensions. Whatever form the MINI comes in, the key to driving fun remains: a long wheelbase, short overhangs and a low centre of gravity – all to keep the go-kart feeling very much alive and well.

  • Where can I learn more about the history of the MINI?

    The MINI is a successor to the classic Mini, which first appeared in 1959. It lives on until 2000. A good innings for any car. Here are some more MINI milestones:

    2001 – The new generation MINI is doubly impressive, arriving in the MINI Cooper and MINI One.

    2002 –  The MINI Cooper S roars to life.

    2004 –  The MINI Cabrio opens up to the sun.

    2006 – The 2nd generation MINI Cooper and MINI Cooper S were launched, with more powerful engines than their predecessors, a revamped design and a wealth of new features.

    2007 – The MINI Clubman stretches out to add versatility to MINI agility.

    2008 – Two more ‘serial thrillers’ took to the streets: the MINI John Cooper Works and the MINI John Cooper Works Clubman. These models were the first MINI fitted with John Cooper Works performance parts to roll off the series production line at the Plant Oxford manufacturing facilities.

    2009 – The 2nd generation MINI Cabrio models open for business.

    2010 – A brand-new type of MINI was unveiled: the MINI Countryman. The first MINI with ALL4 four-wheel drive, four doors and four seats – and it’s four metres long, too.

    2011 – The Cooper S gets the diesel treatment to add the Cooper SD variant, and the MINI Coupé arrives to show a sporty side.

    2012 – The MINI Roadster offers a rush for two, while the MINI Paceman rebels with its combination of four-wheel drive and sleek design.

    2014 – The 3rd generation is here with the new MINI 3 Door and MINI 5 Door models, and the refreshed MINI Paceman and MINI Countryman never looked better.

  • What events are there for MINI?

    Right from the get-go, MINI has been involved in events all over the world, from motorsports to rallies. Keep up with all MINI activities on Facebook.

  • Website
  • How can I get in touch with MINI?

    If you can’t find what you’re looking for, or if you have any enquiries about MINI or the MINI website, go to the “Contact” section of the website and send us an e-mail.

  • How does the MINI website use cookies?

    The MINI website uses cookies to give you the best possible user experience. By using the website, you’re giving permission to add cookies to your computer/device. You can disable or enable cookies at any time, by modifying the settings in your browser. However, you may not be able to use all the interactive features of our site if cookies are disabled.

  • How does the MINI website ensure the privacy of any personal data that I submit?

    We take the privacy of your personal information very seriously and will only use the details you provide via the MINI website in accordance with data protection laws and our privacy policy. Only with a declaration of your consent, will your data be used for the purposes of consulting, advertising and market research. If the declaration of consent also covers the transfer of your data to BMW AG companies or to third parties named in the declaration of consent, your data may be passed on to the parties named. If you do not issue a declaration of consent of this nature, your data is not passed on. This declaration of consent may be revoked at any time with regard to future processing of your data. To revoke the declaration of consent, please get in touch with the customer service named in the Contact section. An in-depth explanation of data-protection procedures can be found in the “Legal Notice” section of the website.

  • Environment
  • How is MINI helping to reduce CO2 emissions?

    At MINI, the reduction of CO2 emissions and fuel consumption is a top-priority issue. A number of features have been introduced to reduce fuel consumption, including:

    -          Brake Energy Regeneration.

    -          Auto Start/Stop function (switches off the engine in almost every situation where the MINI or MINI Clubman is stationary).

    -          On-demand technologies, including a volume-regulated oil pump, a switchable water pump and eletromechanical power-assisted steering (EPAS) instead of hydraulic steering.

    -          Twin Power Turbo engines which are more fuel efficient than compressor-based technology.

    -          Friction-optimised lightweight engines.

    -          New 3- and 4- cylinder Twin Power Turbo engines with turbo charging, direct injection, fully variable valve control, variable camshaft control.

    -          Improved aerodynamics.

  • Dealerships
  • What’s the best way to find a MINI dealer?

    The MINI is sold in over 70 countries throughout the world by a network of independent MINI dealers. To find out the address of your nearest MINI dealer, click on the link below.

  • Where can I find prices for the different MINI models?

    Prices can be found in the Pricelist page, click on the link below.

  • I want to buy a MINI. What sort of financing deals are available?

    The range of MINI Financial services offer excellent conditions for purchasing and insurance. For further information, click on the link below to contact your MINI dealer.

  • What maintenance and servicing offers are available for the MINI?

    MINI Service is aided by the latest computer-based analysis and diagnosis techniques. One of the important components is the so-called “key reader”, which stores all the significant vehicle data, such as Vehicle Identification Number and mileage.

    An additional service reminder is available directly in your MINI cockpit in the form of the service interval display or Condition Based Service (CBS), which will remind you when the next service appointment is due.

    MINI maintenance offers the efficiency and reliability in keeping with BMW Group standards.

    Thanks to MINI Service – the exclusive range of services for your MINI – you no longer need to worry about servicing and maintenance costs. Within the contractual period or distance specified, you can make use of all available services – as often as you like, irrespective of the number of repairs that are necessary.


    The most important benefits include:

    -          Reliable services for a one-off payment

    -          Top-quality work carried out by MINI Service experts

    -          The guaranteed use of Original MINI Parts and state-of-the-art diagnosis

    -          Maximum safety for your MINI

    -          Excellent chances of getting a high resale value for your MINI


    During the contractual term, MINI Service can be transferred to any new owner, which helps to boost the resale value of your MINI.

  • Does MINI offer a mobility/breakdown service?

    On-the-road help is at hand, in the form of MINI Roadside Assistance. This service package covers various services including: Help on the phone, Accident Hotline, Towing Services, Seamless Mobility and Repatriation.

  • Will MINI dealers arrange servicing appointments?

    Yes. MINI dealers are happy to arrange check-ups for your MINI. An additional service reminder is available directly in your MINI cockpit in the form of the service interval display or Condition Based Service (CBS), which will remind you when the next service appointment is due.

  • Where can I order a brochure?

    Brochures are available from your MINI dealer. You can also order a brochure online.

  • How do I arrange a test drive in a MINI?

    To get the on-road feeling of a MINI, you can arrange a test drive by contacting your nearest MINI Authorised Dealer for more information.


  • MINI Connectivity
  • Which Bluetooth® mobile devices can I use with my MINI mobile phone preparation?

    The mobile phones tested by MINI can be found by clicking on the link below. Here you can also obtain detailed information on which functions of your mobile phone are supported in your vehicle as well as further notes on usage.

  • Can I use a non-listed Bluetooth®-capable mobile device in my vehicle?

    MINI recommends using the mobile devices listed in Compatibility Check, which have produced positive test results. Non-listed mobile devices should generally support the basic functions but have not been tested by MINI.

  • Why is my mobile device not included in the list of mobile devices tested by MINI?

    The large number of devices appearing on the market makes a selection necessary. Before a selected mobile phone can be included in the list, it has to undergo extensive testing with all mobile phone preparations installed in MINI models. Once the tests have been passed, a device can be included in the list of mobile devices tested by MINI. MINI works with all leading manufacturers so that the latest mobile phones will be included as soon as possible.

  • Can I use a mobile phone listed in Compatibility Check with a different software status without experiencing any problems?

    MINI recommends using the mobile phones listed in Compatibility Check, which have tested positively. No comment is possible on the functionality and compatibility of other software statuses. General experience, however, shows that when a more recent software status is used, it can be assumed that compatibility characteristics will be similar. Please note that in some cases functional limitations may also be due to the data stored in the mobile phone and their size.

  • Why are there differences between the various mobile devices in terms of handling and scope of functions?

    Telephone manufacturers implement the Bluetooth® standard in different ways.

    As implementation of the Bluetooth® standard differs distinctly between various mobile phones and may also change during the product life cycle of a model, limitations of function in the vehicle may occur for which MINI is not responsible. In addition to the software status of a mobile phone, the following factors may also influence compatibility:


    - Hardware version of the mobile phone
    - Mobile phone configuration (e.g. size of telephone book, power-saving mode)
    - Operating status of the mobile phone (e.g. battery charge, length of operation, degree of usage)
    - Network and SIM card


    For this reason, sporadic impairment of functions cannot be ruled out, even in the case of mobile devices which otherwise function reliably.

  • What happens when there is more than one registered mobile device with activated Bluetooth® function in the MINI?

    When the telephone system is switched on, it automatically looks for the mobile device last connected. If this is not found within a certain time period, the MINI automatically looks for the next phone in the list of registrations. If necessary, the list will be scanned again.

  • Who can I contact if have any problems with the Bluetooth® interface on my mobile device?

    If you have any questions on your mobile device, you can obtain further information in the operating manual for your mobile device, from the phone manufacturer or from your mobile device provider.

  • Is it possible to use phones with the Android platform?

    Yes, selected Android mobile devices support MINI Connected technology. You can use the Compatibility Check to find out which ones.

  • Questions and notes on the conditions
  • How do I register my mobile device with my MINI mobile phone preparation ("pairing")?

    For security reasons, mobile phone and Bluetooth® mobile phone preparation have to undergo a one-off registration "pairing" procedure. You will find notes on the registration procedure in the operating manual of your vehicle as well as in the operating manual for your mobile phone.

    If a mobile phone has already been registered in the vehicle, the connection will be made automatically when you start your journey. To establish the connection, however, you must make sure that the Bluetooth® service is activated both on the telephone and in the vehicle.
    During the registration procedure, you will be asked to enter a pass key. You can choose any key you wish, but for security reasons it should consist of at least four numbers and not commonplace (e.g. "0000" or "1234").

  • Can several mobile devices be connected by Bluetooth® at the same time?

    Up to four mobile devices can be registered at the same time. One of these mobile devices can be active (i.e. connected) at any time. If your MINI supports music via Bluetooth®, another device (mobile phone or a Bluetooth®-capable audio player) can also be connected with the MINI at the same time.

  • Is it possible to remove the ignition key during a telephone conversation?

    The ignition key can be removed during the conversation without ending the call. The telephone system remains switched on until either you or the person you are talking to has ended the call. Depending on the vehicle equipment and battery charging status, however, the telephone system may be switched off earlier. The call can then be continued on the mobile phone if necessary.

  • I have made changes in the contacts, calendar entries, to-do notes or notes on my mobile device. When will these changes be shown in the vehicle?

    Please refer to Compatibility Check to see whether the relevant function is supported by your mobile phone and vehicle equipment. As a general rule, the data update is initiated as soon as the ignition is switched on. Please check the display on your mobile phone as well: it may require you to confirm the data transfer.

  • How can I change the sort sequence of my telephone book entries (e.g. to sort in order of surname)?

    The sort sequence for the telephone book depends on both the mobile device and the vehicle equipment. Some mobile devices do not distinguish between first names and surnames, in other words the parts of the name are entered in one text field; in many mobile devices a comma or semicolon determines which part is interpreted as the first name or surname. This applies in particular to entries on the SIM card as well. Some mobile devices provide an option for setting the sort sequence – however, this may not necessarily be taken into account when the telephone book is transferred via the Bluetooth® connection. In current vehicles with the relevant equipment, it is possible to set the sorting sequence in the Control Display. You will find further information in the operating manual for your vehicle and in Compatibility Check.

  • Why can't I use the conference call function in my vehicle?

    This function must be supported by your vehicle equipment, the mobile device and your mobile phone provider; it may be necessary to have the mobile device provider activate this service on the SIM card.

  • Why is the name or number of a person not displayed during a call?

    If the call was initiated from the mobile device while a Bluetooth® connection existed, it is not possible to guarantee that the number or name of the other party will appear on the Control Display. Otherwise, you should check whether the telephone book of the mobile device is displayed on the Control Display and the contact concerned has been transferred correctly and completely. If it’s an incoming call, this is often because the caller has enabled the Withhold Number function on their mobile device.

  • Why is the person I am calling not shown my number when I make an outgoing call?

    Please check the settings of your mobile phone to see whether the Withhold Number function is enabled. If this is not the case, it may be due to the fact that your mobile phone provider activates this function by default (CLIR = Calling Line Identification Restriction). You are recommended to contact your mobile phone provider and have CLIR disabled.

  • Why aren't the appointments, to-do notes and notes displayed in the office menu of my MINI?

    Appointments older than 20 days or more than 50 days in the future are not transferred. Completed to-dos or to-dos more than 90 days in the future are not transferred. Depending on the number of appointments stored in your mobile device, not all will be displayed in the vehicle. You will find further information in the operating manual for your mobile device, in the operating manual for your vehicle and in Compatibility Check.

  • Do the call lists in the vehicle and in the mobile device match?

    The transfer of call lists depends both on the mobile device and on the vehicle. Please check which mobile devices support the export of call lists in Compatibility Check and whether your vehicle is equipped with this function. When you are using mobile devices that do not support call lists, the lists shown in the vehicle include only those calls made using the Bluetooth® connection in the vehicle.

  • Why can’t I see all the text messages on the mobile device in the vehicle?

    The transfer of text messages depends both on the mobile device and on the vehicle. Please observe the information on this in Compatibility Check.

  • How can I use Bluetooth® audio reproduction in the vehicle?

    Make sure that the Audio (Bluetooth®) function is activated on the Control Display and check whether your mobile device supports Bluetooth® audio reproduction in Compatibility Check. On some mobile devices, it is necessary to launch the programme for playing music files on your mobile device and then select a title using the device.

  • How can Bluetooth® audio reproduction be resumed after a phone call or traffic message?

    Normally, muting of audio reproduction is cancelled automatically. Should this not be the case, you can restart audio reproduction by pressing the volume key again.

  • Can I use the audio reproduction function of my mobile device via Bluetooth® if the mobile device is connected with the vehicle via the USB snap-in adapter or a USB cable?

    Not all mobile devices provide stable support for this function. If problems occur with audio reproduction, deactivate Audio (Bluetooth®) on the Control Display.

  • Why is the photo stored for some of my contacts in the telephone book not shown on the Control Display?

    Please refer to Compatibility Check to see whether the Contact Pictures function is supported by your mobile device and vehicle equipment. Please note that the number of contact pictures supported is limited by the system.

  • Problems and solutions
  • Why can’t I register my mobile device despite having entered the pass key?

    First you are recommended to check whether the mobile device is contained in the list of mobile devices tested by MINI in Compatibility Check. The pass key entered in the vehicle must be identical to that entered in the mobile device. In addition, the registration procedure has to take place within 30 seconds. If you have to repeat the registration procedure, it may be necessary to delete the already existing entries in the list of devices on your mobile device. Please consult the operating manual for your mobile device in this connection.

  • What could be the reason that my mobile device is unable to automatically reconnect or that a previously reliably supported function is no longer available in the usual manner?

    Make sure that the Bluetooth® service is activated in the mobile device and in the vehicle.

    If no automatic connection is established, check the display on your mobile device.
    Some mobile devices require a confirmation for the current and subsequent connections. You will find further advice in the operating manual for your mobile phone.

    If the mobile device fails to connect automatically even after several attempts, it may be possible to solve this by switching the mobile phone off and on completely, by briefly removing the battery or resetting the mobile phone to the factory settings.

    However, before resetting the mobile phone, you’re strongly advised to back up your data.

    Please consult the operating manual for your mobile device in this connection. Also check whether the registration information is still present in both the vehicle and in the mobile device. If this is not the case, delete the remaining registration entries and carry out the registration procedure again.

    If no permanent or stable connection is established (e.g. repeated interruptions of the Bluetooth® connection), in the majority of cases this is due to a hardware error in the mobile device or in the data stored on the mobile device (e.g. telephone book entries, text messages, call lists, etc.) In such cases, it is recommended that you reset the mobile device to the factory settings after carrying out a data backup if necessary.

  • Why isn’t the signal strength displayed correctly?

    Not all mobile devices support this function. Some mobile devices transfer the current signal strength but with a considerable delay. Please observe the information on this in Compatibility Check. Not all contact entries are shown on the Control Display or not all details of the contact entries of the mobile device are shown. The transfer of contact entries depends both on the mobile device and on the vehicle. The number of contact entries is limited by the system. Please observe the information on this in Compatibility Check.

  • Why isn’t the telephone book on my Blackberry® displayed in the vehicle?

    In many cases, BlackBerry® mobile device is operated in Enterprise mode. In such cases the company IT administration defines the security settings and policy.

    In most cases, the problem can be resolved by adapting one of these security settings. Please check whether the following option is set to No:
    Options > Security Options > General Settings > Insert Address Book > No

    If you are not able to change this option or it does not produce the desired effect, please consult your IT administrator.


  • MINI Connected
  • What is required for the use of MINI Connected?

    A MINI with the option SA6NM (MINI Connected), and either the option SA6FP (Radio MINI Visual Boost) or SA6UM (MINI Navigation System). For SA6NT MINI Connected XL you will need SA7L5 Wired. You also need a supported smartphone and the MINI Connected or MINI Connected XL Journey Mate app, which you can download free of charge from the App Store (App Store Account compulsory) and Google Play Store. In addition, you should have a suitable mobile phone contract. Some MINI Connected applications make use of broadband services. This may incur costs, which do not constitute a part of MINI Connected. The feature MINI Connected Plugin additionally requires the option SA6NE (Bluetooth mobile preparation with USB Audio Interface) and is not supported by devices with the new Apple Lightning connector (iPhone 5 and later and iPod Touch 5th generation).

  • Which smartphones are supported by MINI Connected?

    At present MINI Connected can be used with Apple iPhones and selected Android devices. To get an overview of supported devices, please check

  • Who should I contact if I have any problems with the USB port on my smartphone?

    You can obtain information on your smartphone and its ports in its operating manual or from the manufacturer of your smartphone.

  • Using Connected
  • What do I have to do before I can use MINI Connected in my vehicle? What do I have to do in order to use MINI Connected in my MINI?

    Before you can use MINI Connected in your vehicle, you must install the MINI Connected app from the App Store or Google Play Store onto your smartphone. Connect your smartphone to your MINI using the regular smartphone cable (only for the 3rd generation MINI). For all other MINIs use the video/audio adapter cable for Apple iPod/iPhone, or the snap-in adapter (MINI accessories). Next, you need to launch the MINI Connected. The applications will then be displayed in your MINI under the menu item MINI Connected. The MINI Controller or MINI Joystick is used for navigating the controls.

  • Why am I asked to agree to the use of my location information (pop-up)?

    Some MINI Connected functions use the location information from the smartphone. It is recommended that you agree to the use of the location information to guarantee that you have the full range of functions.

  • How do I reset my MINI Connected password?

    To request a password reset choose "Forgot your password?" on the login screen in the MINI Connected app. If you are already logged in you will have to log out at [Info][Settings][Account settings][Log out] to change your password. Please note that some personal settings may be lost after you log out.

  • Where can I obtain an update for my MINI Connected app?

    Updates for the MINI Connected app can be obtained via the normal update process of your App Store or Google Play Store.

  • How can I update my vehicle software?

    Further information on this topic is available in the “Software Updates” section.

  • When I use online applications, especially web radio, why are incoming calls forwarded directly to voicemail?

    This is a network-based restriction. Some operators forward incoming calls directly to voicemail during data communication via EDGE and GPRS. Using a UMTS/HSDPA connection will not forward incoming calls.

  • I can't find any of the MINI Connected functions in my MINI.

    The MINI Connected functions can be found under the MINI Connected menu entry. Before you can display the functions, your smartphone must be connected to your MINI, and the MINI Connected app must have been launched. In addition, further entertainment functions can be found in the CD/Multimedia and Radio menus. Similarly, these menus are only displayed when the smartphone is connected to the vehicle and the app has been launched.

  • Even after connecting my smartphone and launching the MINI Connected app, I can't find any of the MINI Connected functions.

    In the event of an unexpected response, it is recommended that you unplug the smartphone and reconnect it and also relaunch the MINI Connected app. If the unexpected response persists, switch the smartphone off and on. If the problem persists after taking these steps, you should carry out a reset of your smartphone. If no MINI Connected functions are displayed after this has been carried out, we recommend that you perform the self-diagnosis contained in the app, as described in the Owners Handbook.

  • None of the online applications of MINI Connected work.

    1. Please check that the Flight Mode option on your smartphone is disabled.

    2. In a foreign country: Data roaming is usually disabled. Please bear in mind that enabling data roaming may incur substantial additional costs.


  • From time to time, MINI Connected online applications are limited during the journey or are not available at all.

    Due to the operating principle, the service quality of MINI Connected online applications are influenced to a large extent by the coverage of mobile phone networks and the current reception quality. In many cases, poor reception can be identified by the low signal strength (typically indicated by the bar display). Even if good signal reception is indicated on the smartphone, it does not necessarily mean that the service quality is good as well. Service quality depends on other, often network-specific parameters.

  • What can I do if MINI Connected audio isn’t working?

    MINI Connected is only able to play audio via cable connection or the snap-in adapter. Not via Bluetooth® audio (A2DP). Please ensure that Bluetooth® audio is disabled while using MINI Connected. Bluetooth® audio can be disabled manually in the phone settings in your vehicle.

  • Calendar
  • My calendar entries are not available in the vehicle.

    To access your calendar via MINI Connected it is necessary to enable the permission for accessing your calendar data for MINI Connected. Please check your settings on the smartphone at [settings] [privacy] [calendar] and enable the permission for [Connected] to access your calendar in the vehicle. Please also ensure that you have enabled your preferred calendar groups in the vehicle. Push the MINI Controller or MINI Joystick to the right to open the options menu. The menu-item Select Calendar appears. You can select your calendars with activating/deactivating them in the list.

  • How can I jump to the current date?

    Please push the MINI Controller or MINI Joystick to the right to open the options menu. A menu appears, which contains menu-item: to today.


    MINI 3 DOOR.

    Go-kart grip, iconic design, and packed to the tailgate with tomorrow’s technology. The new MINI is reinvented to blow your mind all over again. The new MINI Twin Power Turbo engines make the MINI faster and lighter on fuel. With the all-new MINI Driving Modes you can change the car’s driving characteristics, interior lighting and engine sound to match your mood. Faster, safer and more connected than a switchboard, the new MINI is completely different from any other car out there.  
    To find out more about the MINI 3 Door models and their design details do click on the link below:

    MINI 5 DOOR.

    Fit more of your life in your MINI. Get the go-kart drive, iconic design and high-tech tools, now with more space and 5 doors for better access. The MINI 5 Door is nothing short of a roadworthy go-kart. Short overhangs, a low centre of gravity combined with a wide track and rigid chassis make it the most exciting 5 Door car out there on the street today. The multi-link rear axle suspension and shock absorbers that are decoupled from the body give you the comfort of a saloon car without giving up any of the classic MINI excitement. It’s what we’ve all been waiting for.
    To find out more about the MINI 5 Door models and their design details do click on the link below:


    Bigger, wider, roomier and with 4 doors and 2 Split doors at the rear, the new MINI Clubman is more versatile than ever. The Split doors of the MINI Clubman are a trademark of the range and are carried through to the latest version where they have evolved to suit the new design. Giving the car a broad, athletic look. They are also extremely practical, opening widely to allow easy loading. With Smart Opener feature that allows hands-free access by remote button or waving a foot under a sensor beneath the tailgate.
    To find out more about the MINI Countryman models and their design details do click on the link below:


    Larger than life yet unmistakably MINI, the MINI Countryman defies convention. It’s built to conquer town and country, with room inside for an army of adventurers. Thanks to the four doors, the five separately adjustable seats and a length of just over four metres, it displays comfort and versatility in a new dimension. With up to 1,170 litres of boot space, this individualist can take a relaxed approach to a wide variety of situations. Moving or folding down the rear seats is child's play and makes space for any luggage or extra souvenirs you may pick up en route.
    To find out more about the MINI Countryman models and their design details do click on the link below:


    If you want to take your favourite MINI up to 11 then make sure it’s been John Cooper Worked. Every John Cooper Works model is muscled and powered up to offer outstanding levels of performance and unparalleled thrills. The John Cooper Works story began in the 1960s, with one of the most spectacular victories in the history of motorsport. John Cooper gave his name to the Mini Cooper, which was launched in 1961, and was instrumental in the rallying successes in the following years, most notably the three victories of the Mini Cooper S at the Monte Carlo Rally of 1964, 1965 and 1967. The original pocket rocket has been completely reworked, retooled and reborn to set pulses racing and re-ignite imaginations. The new MINI John Cooper Works comes with two litres and four cylinders that produces enough firepower to pin you to the seatback during racing starts and around challenging corners. This is the fastest, most powerful MINI ever. Iconic design and packed to the tailgate with tomorrow’s technology. The new MINI is reinvented to blow your mind all over again. The new MINI Twin Power Turbo engines make the MINI faster and lighter on fuel. With the all-new MINI Driving Modes you can change the car’s driving characteristics, interior lighting and engine sound to match your mood. Faster, safer and more connected than a switchboard, the new MINI is completely different from any other car out there.  
    To find out more about the MINI John Cooper Works models, their design details, accessories and tuning options have a look at the showroom area or go to the configurator: