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Easy Drive financing is an innovative product that combines low monthly instalments with end-of-term flexibility, designed specifically for MINI enthusiasts like you.

It is available on 3-year, 4-year, and 5-year tenures, offering up to 30% lower monthly commitment compared to conventional hire purchase financing, giving you more financial freedom to enjoy the MINI experience.

Moreover, Easy Drive provides a wide range of options at the end of your financing contract, making it easier for you to decide your next steps. Whether you're ready to embark on a new MINI adventure or continue the journey with your current car, we offer flexible choices tailored to your preferences.

Experience the joy of MINI ownership with Easy Drive financing. Explore the possibilities and get behind the wheel of your dream MINI today.



As a responsible financial services provider, we would like to provide you with transparency on how Easy Drive financing can offer such a low monthly instalment.

What sets Easy Drive financing apart is that we take a portion of the cost of your MINI and freeze it until the end of your tenure as an optional final payment. We call this frozen portion Guaranteed Future Value (GFV).

Deferring the payment for part of your MINI’s value until the end of your agreement makes your monthly payments significantly smaller, giving you the flexibility to opt for the right model within your budget.

MINI Financial Services is the only financer of MINIs that offers this special product in Malaysia.



At the beginning of you financing contract, you may be unsure on what you’d like to do with your car when the contract is ending.

With Easy Drive financing you don’t have to worry about this because we offer a range of options.

Anytime you want to change your MINI you can 1) trade-in / sell-off your MINI. This option will benefit you if the value of your car is more than your early settlement amount or the Guaranteed Future Value (GFV) if you are at the end of term.  Any surplus value is money in your pocket. We recommend using it as a down payment for your next MINI.

If you intend to have a longer relationship with your MINI, you’ll have the option to 2) make the optional final payment or 3) refinance the amount and keep your MINI.

Finally, you will also have the option to 4) return your MINI and walk-away* at the end of term with nothing further to pay. This is the best option if the market value unexpectedly turns out lower than our GFV prediction.

Terms and Conditions.

*Additional charges may be payable for both excess mileage (actual mileage higher than agreed contract mileage) and vehicle condition (assessed by independent appraiser).



Our mission in welcoming you to the MINI family faster doesn’t stop with Easy Drive financing.

Through MINI Engage, you will be able to configure your monthly instalment based on the budget you have set and create a quotation. You can also make comparisons between MINI models as well as our financing solutions, and even apply for financing pre-approval when you’re ready.

To get started on your journey with Easy Drive financing follow the steps below:

  1. Choose right model for you.
  2. Decide on your deposit (10%-30%) and tenure (36-60 months).
  3. Select your preferred annual mileage (20,000 or 25,000km).

Explore MINI Engage today.

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If you are looking for an uncomplicated financing solution with easy monthly payments, Straight Line Financing gives you the freedom to do what really matters to you.



  • Fixed monthly instalments.
  • No large final payment to worry about.
  • No mileage limitation for full flexibility.
  • You become the proud owner of the vehicle.



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