We love corners. 

The inner child. 

Big, stupid grins. 

Sunny days. 

People of all shapes, sizes, creeds and colours. 

After all, our family’s been around for over 60 years, and if you’ve got love to give, so do we.

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enduring love
The icon. The original. For those who don’t cut corners but love cutting through them. There isn’t much to be said about the MINI 3 Door that hasn’t already been said, but we think we might’ve made it even better.
Practical Love

Love often requires sacrifice. But we make cars, not sacrifices. The MINI 5 Door is nearly identical to its 3 Door sibling, but features extra doors for those who wish to share the love.

Selfless Love.

The latest in our family of hatches, the MINI Electric is an exciting glimpse into the future of urban mobility. It also happens to be perfect for MINIacs that are willing to venture into the unfamiliar, petrol-free future, for the sake of the world around us. 

It doesn’t hurt that it runs without putting a dent in your wallet.

Playful Love.

In a land where people groan and grumble at the scorching heat, nothing brands you as a perpetual optimist quite like driving with the top down. Which is what the MINI Convertible is - a MINI for the child-at-heart. The sunny side of life. A love for all things chipper and light-hearted. 

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