MINI Vehicle Footprint - Efficiency

MINI has been synonymous with innovative consumption and range improvement solutions for generations of vehicles. It is therefore a key element of the BMW Group Sustainability Strategy. Key factors affecting greater driving enjoyment coupled with lower consumption and longer range include lightweight construction through the use of an optimised material mix of high-strength steels along with an aluminum front flap.

Moreover, favourable aerodynamic properties of the MINI Countryman with a drag coefficient value from 0.26 increase efficiency through the use of aerodynamic wheels, intelligent air flap control and a smooth vehicle underbody. These factors optimise the consumption of the MINI Countryman E to 17.4 – 15.7 kWh/100 km (3.6 – 4.0 mls/kWh) and also have a positive impact on the range.

Intelligent heat management with a heat pump and Max Range mode in the MINI Countryman E also provide greater efficiency. The latter mode is capable of increasing the range by up to 25% compared to Core mode, depending on the driving situation.

But you, the driver, as ever, are also a crucial influencing factor. You can save energy through an efficient driving style, depending on the route and traffic situation.