MINI Vehicle Footprint - Social Responsibility

Social sustainability within the company, along the supply chain and also in society, plays a key role for the BMW Group. For years, we have aspired to respect human rights and applicable environmental standards along the global supply chain of our vehicles. To achieve this, we rely on collaboration – because we can only effectively counter the risks in our supply chain together.

In doing so, we employ on a catalogue of measures and the dovetailing of training courses, contractual agreements, certification and testing by means of questionnaires and audits. We determine specific need for action through regular risk analysis, enabling us to identify raw materials whose procurement and processing involve increased risks (possible negative impacts) on people and the environment.


The focus is on lithium and cobalt, for instance, for the MINI Countryman. They are critical raw materials or components of high-voltage battery cells. We buy both raw materials directly from the raw material manufacturers and make them available to battery cell suppliers.

This enables us to trace the origin and extraction methods of the material in full, while also providing transparency with regard to environmental and social standards. This then allows us to initiate qualification or remedial action measures. This involves, for instance, the certification of lithium mines in accordance with the ‘Initiative for Responsible Mining Assurance’ standard (IRMA).

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