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Welcome to the MINI App. Its modern design, intuitive operation and extensive functions provide a smoother user experience and enhanced functionality. You can plan journeys on the go and send destinations directly to your MINI. It lets you check whether you’ve locked your vehicle and close it remotely. And when the next maintenance is due, it’ll notify you, enabling you to book service appointments directly with your MINI partner. Enjoy carefree mobility – anytime and anywhere. Download it for free here.


  • Immediate access to vehicle status and functions
  • Direct access to your MINI service centre
  • Smart services to support your eMobility
  • Comprehensive navigation and maps services for planning your trips
  • Regular upgrades and extension of the range of functions
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The MINI App’s ‘Vehicle’ tab conveniently displays various indicators of your MINI’s status – at a glance, in the palm of your hand.

It includes the following functions:

  • Vehicle Info & Vehicle Status (oil check/service required notification)
  • Remote Services (vehicle search, lock/unlock doors, Flash lights, honk horn, Ventilation/Climate Control)
  • Link to MINI Driver’s Guide App & MINI Sharing App
  • E-mobility features such as Remaining Range incl. Charging Status & charging history
  • Charge & Climate Timer

Match your MINI App to your taste.

Here is our new way for you to turn on the style: by giving you the ability to make your MINI App conform to yours. With the latest update you can now re-style your MINI App with a variety of backgrounds, to match your taste, or maybe to better go with the colour of your very own MINI.

Get creative now: Simply go to Settings and tap the App theme option.

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As your perfect, personal mobility companion, the MINI App's map tab keeps you informed about locations, your destinations and other useful information along the way.

It includes:

  • E Route Planner for MINI Cooper SE
  • Search including categories for MINI Dealers, Charging, fuel stations and parking
  • Set and select favorites
  • Share location from another app and send destination to your MINI

Explore MINI.

Get to know about MINI and discover interesting stories, which you can also share with your friends.

Regular content updates about the world of MINI e.g.

  • Design and Heritage topics
  • MINI Lifestyle & MINI Original Accessories
  • Practical MINI How To Videos
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mini connected – mini app – manage all services


Within the service tab, you can easily manage your MINI’s service and maintenance requirements. Get convenient push notifications when your MINI requires servicing, schedule service appointments, and request roadside assistance directly via the MINI App.

It includes:

  • Overview of booked and available digital services for your MINI
  • Dealer Services including Dealer Search and Online Appointment Scheduling
  • Link to your Financial Services Account
  • Find your new MINI (Get inspired and explore the range)